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TIO - LED Indirect Troffer

TIO - LED Indirect Troffer Kit

TIO - LED Indirect Troffer

TIO - LED Indirect Troffer​ offers an aesthetically pleasing design with low glare for offices, schools, hospitals and other institutional applications. The TIO Troffer is an energy-efficient LED fixture that is L70 rated 63,000 - calculated 90,000+ hours.  It is available in various configurations to replace 2 lamp T-8 low, normal and high, as well as 4 lamp T-8 high power fixtures.

This LED Indirect troffer includes an LED module package and external driver.  Lightweight, all-aluminum construction combined with our Cool Guard® Heat Dissipation technology maximizes the already long life of this troffer fixture.

TIO - LED Indirect Troffer
Commercial Grade • Low Profile • Easy Assembly

  • Made in America
  • Components post painted
  • Universal parts
  • Precise engineering

  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Top quality
  • Great heat sink for LED

Housing Specifications
Fixture Body
  • Post painted polar white
End Caps
  • Snap-in and secured with screws or rivets
Ballast Cover
  • 0.032 Post painted
  • Frosted oval lens

5 Year Limited Warranty