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KDX-02 - 2X2 Troffer Kit

KDX-02 - 2X2 Troffer Kit

KDX-02 - 2X2 Troffer Kit

KDX LED 2X2 Module Kit - This kit is an energy efficient replacement for 2 lamp Low, Normal and High T8 and F20T12 troffers. The KDX provides balanced lighting with low glare for schools, offices, hospitals and other standard T-bar applications.  Designed for universal fit and easy installation, this LED Troffer Kit is post-painted for a smooth, durable and attractive finish. KDX Troffer Kit is Made in the USA our exclusively engineered Cool Guard® heat dissipation system ensures the LEDs long life.

KDX-02 - 2X2 Troffer Retrofit
Commercial Grade • Low Profile • Easy Assembly

  • Made in America
  • Components post painted
  • Universal parts
  • Precise engineering

  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Top quality
  • Great heat sink for LED

Housing Specifications
Ballast Cover
  • Mounts with (4) screws
  • 0.032 Post painted for better efficiency
  • Driver mounts to back side of gear tray
  • Designed for (4) 22' LED Modules
  • Hole patterns for Sylvania & Phillips modules, other hole patterns available

5 Year Limited Warranty