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AF-TIO - Tube Ready LED Indirect Troffer

AF-TIO - Tube Ready LED Indirect Troffer

AF-TIO Tube Ready LED Indirect Troffer offers an aesthetically pleasing design with low glare for offices, schools, hospitals and other institutional applications. The TIO Troffer is available in various configurations to replace 2 lamp T-8 low, normal and high, as well as 4 lamp T-8 high power fixtures. All AF Series products come assembled and can be prewired for your electronics. Ask us how to take advantage of our private labeling & certified multilisting services, using your electronics in our assembled fixtures.

AF-TIO Tube Ready LED Indirect Troffer
Commercial Grade • Low Profile • Easy Assembly

  • Made in America
  • Components post painted
  • Universal parts
  • Precise engineering

  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Top quality
  • Great heat sink for LED

Housing Specifications
Fixture Body
  • Post painted polar white
End Caps
  • Snap-in and secured with screws or rivets
Ballast Cover
  • 0.032 Post painted
  • Frosted oval lens

5 Year Limited Warranty