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AF-MHN-04 - Tube Ready Narrow Highbay

AF-MHN - Tube Ready Narrow Highbay

AF-MHN-04 - Tube Ready Narrow Highbay

AF-MHN (Narrow) High Intensity Fluorescent offers a Classic Design to the HIF Product Line. Designed to replace 250W-400W HID fixtures. Superior craftsmanship made for maximum heat dissipation. Strong yet light weight with a beautiful post-painted finish. The MHN is both rugged and economical for many industrial applications. Incorporates the industry's first hinged reflector/bracket design for easy, tool-free ballast access without removing lamps. Excellent computer-designed reflector system that isolates each lamp for optimized efficiency and performance. Available in T8 or T5 (either 3 lamp or 4 lamp) configurations, with many options to suit your needs.
AF-MHN Tube Ready Narrow Highbay
Commercial Grade • Low Profile • Easy Assembly

  • Made in America
  • Components post painted
  • Universal parts
  • Precise engineering

  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Top quality
  • Great heat sink for LED

Housing Specifications
Fixture Body
  • Post painted polar white
End Caps
  • Snap-in and secured with screws or rivets
Ballast Cover
  • Snap-in design
  • 0.016 Post painted
  • Universal brackets for 1, 2, 3 or 4
Pre-Wired Options
  • Single or double end power option available

5 Year Limited Warranty