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About Us


US Lighting Components (USLC), is a fully integrated manufacturer specializing Commercial and Industrial Lighting solutions focused around fluorescent and LED technologies. We have more than 25 years experience manufacturing many of the aluminum and steel components in the Lighting Industry including Reflectors, Highbays, Troffers, Surface Mounts, Strip and Wrap fixtures, components, accessories and more.


Every component is 100 percent, post-painted in our shop.  The enamel-baked, powder-coated process gives our USLC products the most attractive, hard-wearing finish available…with no sharp edges or rust.


USLC continuously develops and tests product improvements and new designs to keep pace with ever-changing lighting industry needs. We engineer our components to fractional tolerances and we provide exact drawings to ensure quick and easy assembly. And, our lead times are the best in the industry.


We offer comprehensive in-house engineering services to customize your fixture designs including LED applications. We even customize exclusive, private-label products, and offer non-disclosure agreements to protect our customers’ proprietary design.


Everyone at USLC takes pride in providing the highest quality products and most responsive service in the industry. We are proud to be Made in USA; sourcing materials in the USA, fabricating all of our components in the USA, and proudly comply with the “Buy American Act.”